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Feel free to print ET PEOPLE! however you like.


 You can print in color or in gray scale.
You can print the whole magazine or only the pages you need.


PDF#1 is in color.

PDF#2 is in gray scale to save ink.

I recommend printing from PDF#1 or PDF#2 if you only need certain pages.


If you print in this order


you can print 2 pages per sheet of A4 paper and make an A5 booklet .  

To do so, first print the front pages
pages 1-6 = A 12-1•B 10-3•C 8-5

And then print the corresponding

back pages (該当ページ )

pages 7-12 = A 2-11• B 4-9 • C 6-7

If you print on both sides of the paper, you'll use only 3 sheets of paper.

*NOTE* most printers can collate (ページ順にそろえる) the pages now.

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