pop quiz 0720

July  2020 - answers


every other  •  hardly  •  hardly ever  • better than nothing  •  takeout  •  serious  •  takes care of  •  behind schedule



A:  Do you get paid every week?       


B:  No, (every other) week. 




A:  I'm tired.  I could use a cup of coffee.        


B:  We're out of coffee.  How about some tea? 


B:  Sure. It's (better than nothing) .



A:  Sorry, I can (hardly) hear you.  Could you speak up?       


B:  Oh, sorry. Can you hear me now? 



A:     I should learn how to cook.        


B:  You can't cook?  What do you eat?    


A:  I order (takeout) a lot.



A:   Paul called in sick today.       


B:  I hope it's nothing (serious).


A:  He said he thought he had food poisoning.  




A:  My wife and I used to go to the movies every weekend before we had kids.    


B:  We did, too. We (hardly ever) go these days.




A:    The deadline is Wednesday, you know.


B:  I know.  We're working as fast as we can.       


A:  Are you going to be done by then?      


B:  We're a bit (behind schedule), but if we work over the weekend, we'll make it!


A:  Which conference room can we use?  We need one that will hold at least twenty people.


B:  Call Melinda.  She (takes care of)  things like that. 


A:   OK.  What's her extension?

  speak up = もっと大きい声で言って 

  call in sick = 病欠の電話をする 

  have food poisoning = 食あたりする, 食中毒になる 

  extension = 内線



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