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pop quiz 

POP QUIZ   0720062005200420


Answers for POP QUIZ from Jan. 2020 to July 2020 are below. 

Answers for POP QUIZ from 0820 on will be found in each pdf on page 11.

July  2020 - answers


every other  •  hardly  •  hardly ever  • better than nothing  •  takeout  •  serious  •  takes care of  •  behind schedule



A:  Do you get paid every week?       


B:  No, (every other) week. 




A:  I'm tired.  I could use a cup of coffee.        


B:  We're out of coffee.  How about some tea? 


B:  Sure. It's (better than nothing) .



A:  Sorry, I can (hardly) hear you.  Could you speak up?       


B:  Oh, sorry. Can you hear me now? 



A:     I should learn how to cook.        


B:  You can't cook?  What do you eat?    


A:  I order (takeout) a lot.



A:   Paul called in sick today.       


B:  I hope it's nothing (serious).


A:  He said he thought he had food poisoning.  




A:  My wife and I used to go to the movies every weekend before we had kids.    


B:  We did, too. We (hardly ever) go these days.




A:    The deadline is Wednesday, you know.


B:  I know.  We're working as fast as we can.       


A:  Are you going to be done by then?      


B:  We're a bit (behind schedule), but if we work over the weekend, we'll make it!


A:  Which conference room can we use?  We need one that will hold at least twenty people.


B:  Call Melinda.  She (takes care of)  things like that. 


A:   OK.  What's her extension?

  speak up = もっと大きい声で言って 

  call in sick = 病欠の電話をする 

  have food poisoning = 食あたりする, 食中毒になる 

  extension = 内線




June  2020 - answers


feel like • try • challenged • could use • get it over with • took turns • stuck • caught up on



A:  Have you ever gone snorkeling?


B:  No, but I'd like to (try) it someday.




A:  You drove all the way to Hiroshima?       


B:  Yes, but it wasn't so bad because my wife and I (took turns) driving.   



A:  Do you need a ride home? 


B:  No, thanks.  It's a beautiful evening, and I (feel like) walking.



A:   How did you hurt your knee?


B:  My son (challenged) me to a race around the playground, and I tripped and fell. Needless to say, he won.



A:  You've already finished your homework? 


B:  Yep! I like to (get it over with) so I can enjoy the weekend.



A:  How long did it take you to get to the beach?


B:  Only two hours, but it took four hours to get back because we go (stuck) in traffic.



A:   How was your Golden Week?


B:  It was OK.  I did a lot of cleaning.  How was yours?


A:  Pretty relaxing. I worked in the garden and (caught up on) my reading.


A:  You look like you (could use) a cup of coffee. Here you go.

B:  Thanks. I was up late working on today's presentation.


A:  I'm sure it will be awesome.

 Needless to say, ... = ...言うまでもなく, もちろん

 pretty = かなり, とても, なかなか, まあまあ, そこそこ

 (be) up late = 遅くまで起きている




May  2020 - answers


get off • get out • ago • before • working on • can't seem to • layover • got distracted 



A:  Are you excited about seeing the play tonight?


B: Yes, but I've seen it (before)




A:  Are you taking a direct flight?       


B:  No, but the (layover) is only two hours.   



A:  Where's Jeff? 


B:  I don't know. He was supposed to be here half an hour (ago).



A:    Let's grab that taxi. 


B:  OK.  I have to (get out) first, so you should get in first.


A:  That makes sense.



A:  What's wrong? 


B:  I was going to pay some bills online, but I (can't seem to) log in.


A:  Oh, that's because I changed our password.




A: Did you tell Mark about the meeting?


B:  No!  I sat down to e-mail him, but then I (got distracted) and forgot.


A:  OK.  I'll do it then.




A:   How do I get to the zoo?


B:  Take the Higashiyama Line for Fujigaoka, and (get off) at Higashiyama Koen Station.  Exit 3 is the exit closest to the park entrance.  


A:  What are you (working on), son?


B:  My history report.


A:   Need any help?


B:   Not right now, Dad, but can you proofread it when I'm done?

 was supposed to do = ~するはずだった

grab a taxi = タクシーをつかまえる

 That makes sense. = そうだね。/そのほうがいい。

 proofread =  校正する



Apr.  2020 - answers


let me  •  makes you  •  stop at • pick up  •  that's OK  •  see if •  nauseous  •  chronic condition



A:  Your dog has asthma? Is there a cure for it?


B:  No. It's a (chronic condition), but with the right treatment, she can live a normal life. 




A:  Let's play a video game.        


B:  I can't.  My mom won't (let me) play games until I finish my homework. 



A:  Remind me to (stop at) the bank and get cash on the way to the mall.


B:   I will. I need to take out some money, too. 


A:  A:  I've never had a stress test. What's it like?     


B:  The doctor hooks you up to a monitor, and then he (makes you) run on a treadmill. It doesn't take very long.



A:  Hi, honey. I'm on my way home.  Do you need anything?       


B:  Yes. Could you (pick up) some canned food for the dog? We're out.



A: Why didn't you go to the amusement park with them?     


B:  Because I don't like roller coasters. They make me (nauseous).



A:  Oh, they put the wrong dressing on my salad.       


B:  Do you want me to tell the waitress?       


A:  No, (that's OK).  I like this dressing, too. I just felt like a creamy dressing today. But this one is better for my diet!  


A:  I'd love to try that new restaurant, but there's always a long line of people waiting.       


B:  I'll call and (see if) they take reservations.      


A:  Oh, I hope they do!

asthma [発音:ǽzmə] = ぜんそく

★  (cardiac) stress test = (心臓の)負荷試験

★  treadmill =  ランニングマシン


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