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Here are links to places I love, people I support, and things I find useful. 

Here's a a site that helps convert Kanji and Websites to Romaji or Hiragana, and translate Japanese to English, too.  Click here for KANJI CONVERTER 


Thanks to Debbie for this!

Help kids by donating a bike! !

Need to change money in Nagoya?


I usually go to the WORLD CURRENCY EXCHANGE.  It's pretty

convenient.  It's in Sakae, on B1 of the Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Bank Sakae-machi branch. 

日本のヤバイ英語  is a fun blog for English learners!  It's run by a friend of mine.  Click here to read the blog.




Try the Meitetsu Centrair Limousine!  It's cheap and convenient! The bus picks up and drops off at these convenient locations: 

       • Fushimi-cho

       • Hilton Nagoya

       • Nagoya Kanko Hotel

       • Sakae-Oasis 21

       • Nagoya Tokyu Hotel.


It's just ¥1300 for adults, there's no reservation required, and you don't have to lug your suitcases through the train station!  Click here for more information.




 ZTYPE helps you with your typing.  You just type the words you see and "shoot" the letters one by one.  Thanks to Claire!

Need a smile?



DALE JR. (part 1) - slow motion jumping & bouncing 

DALE JR. (part 2) - bouncier and he meets his girlfriend!

If you want to know how to pronounce a word,


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