pop quiz 0520

May  2020 - answers


get off • get out • ago • before • working on • can't seem to • layover • got distracted 



A:  Are you excited about seeing the play tonight?


B: Yes, but I've seen it (before)




A:  Are you taking a direct flight?       


B:  No, but the (layover) is only two hours.   



A:  Where's Jeff? 


B:  I don't know. He was supposed to be here half an hour (ago).



A:    Let's grab that taxi. 


B:  OK.  I have to (get out) first, so you should get in first.


A:  That makes sense.



A:  What's wrong? 


B:  I was going to pay some bills online, but I (can't seem to) log in.


A:  Oh, that's because I changed our password.




A: Did you tell Mark about the meeting?


B:  No!  I sat down to e-mail him, but then I (got distracted) and forgot.


A:  OK.  I'll do it then.




A:   How do I get to the zoo?


B:  Take the Higashiyama Line for Fujigaoka, and (get off) at Higashiyama Koen Station.  Exit 3 is the exit closest to the park entrance.  


A:  What are you (working on), son?


B:  My history report.


A:   Need any help?


B:   Not right now, Dad, but can you proofread it when I'm done?

 was supposed to do = ~するはずだった

grab a taxi = タクシーをつかまえる

 That makes sense. = そうだね。/そのほうがいい。

 proofread =  校正する



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