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Note: The newest one is on top!  1219 = Dec. 2019  


Dec.  2019 - answers


remind  •  remember  •  that's why •  thank goodness •  dread  •  my fault  •  overcast  •  sprinkling



A:  You'd better take your umbrella. 


B:   I'll be fine.  It's just (sprinkling)


A:  Suit yourself.




A:   It's another gray, (overcast) day.  


B:   Yeah. I hope it's sunny tomorrow.  I'm tired of this gloomy weather.




A:  Pete had an accident on his way to work. 


B:   Oh, my gosh!  Is he OK?


A:  Yes, (thank goodness).  




A:   I have to give my speech in class on Monday.


B:   Me, too. I (dread) getting up and speaking in front of everyone.  




A:  Tomorrow is our 20th anniversary. 


B:   Can you believe it?  I (remember) our wedding day as if it were yesterday.




A:   Who was that on the phone?


B:   The dentist's office.  They just called to (remind) me that I have an appointment on Monday at 1:00.  




A:  My mouth is still numb, and I'm hungry. I went to the dentist's during my lunch break.


B:  Oh, (that's why) I didn't see you in the cafeteria.




A: Remember when we went to Paris?  We missed our flight because it took you so long to get ready to go.


B:   It wasn't (my fault)!  We left the house on time.  We were late because we got stuck in traffic. 

★ Suit yourself! =  好きにしなさい。  

★ gloomy = 暗い, うっとうしい天気 

★ numb =  感覚を失った



Nov.  2019 - answers


worth the money  •  made a reservation  •  reserve •  saving up  •  no answer  •  in common  •  go for a bike ride  •  appetite



A:  It's such a beautiful day.         


B:   It sure is.  Let's (go for a bike ride)!        


A:  OK.  Let me change clothes first.




A:   How's Mikey doing? Is he feeling better?      


B:   Much better.  His (appetite) is back.  He ate dinner and dessert.




A:  Hi.  I'd like to (reserve) a single room for the 10th and 11th.     


B:   All right.  May I have your name, please?




A:   Did you tell Bob about the meeting?


B:   I tried to call him this morning, but there was (no answer), so I e-mailed him.




A:  Which paint do you recommend for a fence?      

B:   This one.  It's a little bit expensive, but it's (worth it) because it will last for at least five years. 




A:  You're so good at finding coupons and deals!       


B:   I started cutting out coupons when I was (saving up) for a vacation, but since then, saving money has become a hobby. 




 A:  It's Friday, so the restaurant will probably be crowded. I hope we don't have to wait too long for a table.  I'm starving!


B:   Don't worry! I (made a reservation).


A:  You always think of everything!




A: How did your date with George go?


B:   It was fun! He's really nice, and we discovered that we have a lot (in common).


A:  Like what?


B:  Well, we both love dogs, and we have similar taste in movies and music.  

★ I'm starving! =  おなかがぺこぺこだ。 

★ Like what? = 例えばどんなこと?




Oct.  2019 - answers


should leave • should've left • watching my weight • a stroke • a heart attack • no wonder • I'm guessing • good about



A:  Traffic is bad today. We're going to be late. 


B:   We (should've left) a little earlier. 




A:  Meg just told me George proposed last night! 


B:   Really?  (No wonder) she has been in such a good mood all day.




A:  How long is this meeting supposed to last?


B:   They didn't say, but (I'm guessing) we'll be done by lunchtime at the latest.  




A:   How do you keep your house so tidy? 


B:   It's actually not that hard.  My kids are really (good about) putting their things away without being asked. 




A:   My grandpa had (a stroke)


B:   What's that? 


A:   It's an interruption of blood flow to the brain. Luckily, the doctor says there was little brain damage and he'll be fine.




A:  Did you save room for dessert?  I made pie. B:   Pumpkin pie!  I'm (watching my weight), so I really shouldn't,  but I can't pass up your homemade pumpkin pie!  




A:  What time is our flight tomorrow morning?


B:   At 8:20.  We (should leave) home by 6:45 because we need to be at the airport at least an hour ahead of time.  




A:  A:  Mark's not coming.  He's in the hospital. 


B:   He is?  What happened? 


A:   He had bad chest pains and thought he might be having (heart attack)


B:   Oh, no.  Is he going to be OK?  A:   I hope so.  They're doing tests on him now.

★ tidy =  きちんと整理された  

★ pass up A / pass A up = Aを断る,  Aをパスする

★ an hour ahead of time =  1時間も前に





Sep.  2019 - answers


used to live  •  am used to  •  I bet • apparently  •  got to feed • ticked off  •  could use  •   suspended




A:  Are we taking Ted's car?      


B:   No, he can't drive. He got too many points and his license got (suspended).  




A:  Those cicadas sure are loud! I can't concentrate.      


B:   Really.  They don't bother me at all. I guess I (am used to) hearing them.




A:  I heard from a neighbor that Sandy was arrested for shoplifting last week.      


B:   Yes. (Apparently), it wasn't the first time she got caught.




A:   Tony isn't here yet.  He was supposed to be here half an hour ago.       


B:   (I bet)  he forgot.      


A:   I'd better call him.  




A:   It's really hot today. 


B:   I know.  I (could use) an ice-cold drink. 


A:   Me, too.  Let's take a break.




A:  Did you and the kids have fun at the zoo? 


B:   Yes. We saw everything there was to see, and we (got to feed) some goats and rabbits in the petting zoo.  




A:  Ted seems pretty (ticked off)


B:   Yeah.  He got a speeding ticket on his way to work this morning. 


A:   That explains it.  




A:  I'm going to Tokyo to see Sousuke tomorrow. 


B:   Tokyo?  I thought he lived in Nagoya. 


A:   Yeah, he (used to live) near me, but he moved to Tokyo at the end of March.  

★ cicada =  セミ  = [səˈkādə]    

★ ~ doesn't bother me = ~は気にならない 

★ shoplifting =  万引き  

★ That explains it. = そういうことだったのか。/なるほどね。





Aug.  2019 - answers


did do  •  an appointment  •  a reservation  • you'll be sorry  •  no Brad Pitt  • frumpy  •  former  •  has gone missing




A:  Who was that man you were talking to?      


B:   He's a (formerstudent.  I taught him more than ten years ago. 




A:  Why didn't you do your homework this time? 


B:   I (did do) it. I just forgot to bring it to class.




A:  Why is Hannah so upset? B:   Her cat, Leo, (has gone missing).      


B:   Oh, no.  Let's help her find him. 




A:   What about this dress? It looks comfortable.      


B:   No, that one's too (frumpy). You're going on a date, not cleaning the house! 




A:  Did you like the hotel you stayed at?      


B:   Yes, it was nice, but when we got there, our room wasn't ready even though we had made (a reservation).  




A:  Hi. I'd like to make (an appointment) with Janice for next Saturday afternoon.       


B:   All right.  Is that for just a haircut?       


A:   No. I need my hair colored, too.  




A:  Do you need sunscreen?      


B:   No, thanks.  I hate sunscreen.  It's so sticky.       


A:   We're going to be in the sun all day.  If you don't put it on,  (you'll be sorry).




A:  I think you'd like my cousin, John. You and he have the same quirky sense of humor.


B:   Is he handsome?


A:  Well, he's (no Brad Pitt), but he's not bad looking.


★ upset =  動転して, 取り乱して   

★ sunscreen = 日焼け止めローション 

★  quirky =  風変わりな, 突飛な, 奇抜な




July  2019 - answers


on his own  •  offered to •  chubby • tame  •  recognize • might want to • just around the corner  • beat



A:  Hi, Paula!      


B:   Oh, hi, Jim! I didn't (recognize)  you at first without your beard.




A:  You have a new cat!  Can I pet him? 


B:   Sure.  He's (tame) now, but he was pretty wild when we found him.




A:  I can't believe it's July 1st already. 


B:   I know.  That means summer vacation is (just around the corner).  




A:   How did you get home from work? 


B:   I walked.  My boss (offered to)  drive me home, but I felt like walking. 




A:  Look! Here's a photo of my sister's new baby!  


B:   Oh!  He's so (chubby)!  Look at those round cheeks!  He's adorable!




A:  Excuse me. We're trying to get to Washington Park.  Are we headed the right way? 


B:   Yes, but it's kind of far from here. You  (might want to) take the bus. 




A:  Why did Tom move?  


B:   He was tired of living with roommates. 


A:   Does he like living (on his own)


B:    Yes, he loves it! 




A:  It sure is hot here in Nagoya in the summer. 


B:   And humid.  You'll get used to it after a while. 


A:  What do you do to (beat) the summer heat? 


B:   I use a fan along with my air conditioner. It is much better than the air conditioner alone.


★ adorable = かわいらしい、愛らしい    

★ be headed/heading =  に向かっている 

★ It sure is ~. =  本当に~ですね.





June  2019 - answers


it • one•  expecting•  in your party•  the wait•  tired of•  don't mind•  the inconvenience



A: Hi. How many (in your party)?


B: Just one. The counter is fine.

A: All right. Follow me. 




A:  I'm (tired of) waiting.     


B:   Let's give him five more minutes.  It's he's not here by then, we can go.




A:  Can I borrow your car?    


B:   Sure.  Just bring (it ) back by 5:00.  I have to go somewhere tonight.




A:   Sorry, we're out of caramel corn, but we're making more.  It'll be ready in 5 minutes.


B:   OK.  We (don't mind) waiting.




A:  Hi, Gina.  You're packed tonight!


B:   Yes, we're much busier than a typical Friday. 


A:  How long is (the wait)?



B:  About 20 minutes.




A:  I'm afraid you'll have to take the stairs.  The elevator is being repaired.


B:  That's OK.  Mr. Ito is on the 3rd floor, right?


A:  Right.  Sorry for  (the inconvenience).




A:  Look!  Jennifer had a baby boy!


B:   What? I didn't even know she and Tom were (expecting)!


A:   I told you, but you weren't paying attention.




A:  I need a suit to wear to a friend's wedding.


B:   I bet my dad has (one) you could wear.  You're about the same size.


A:   That would be great! I really don't want to spend money on a new suit right now. 


★ fine=結構

★ packed = 混んでいる

★ pay attention =注意を払う  





May  2019 - answers


without  •  good at  •  good with • root for  •  been together • ancestors  •  nice of you to  •  or so



A:  How was the baseball game?         


B:   We won!  It was great.  The whole town came to (root for) us! 





A:  You type so slowly.      


B:   I know.  I can't type (without) looking at the keyboard.




A:  That's a cute tote bag.        


B:   Thanks.  My daughter made it. 


A:  She's (good at) sewing. 





A:   What time do you think you'll get here? 


B:   Around 7:00 (or so).  


A:   OK.  Text me if you're really running late. 




A:  Mom, tell me what you think of this essay. 


B:   Sure. [Reads it.]  It's very funny! You're really (good with) words, just like your father.




A:  We're going out for drinks after work.  Want to join us?


B:   I'd love to, but I have other plans.  It was (nice of you to) invite me, though.




A:  Your last name is Sweeney? Are you Irish? 


B:   No, American. My parents were born in the U.S., but our (ancestors) came from Ireland.


A:   That explains the Irish name! 




A:  Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.


B:   Really? How long have you two been married?


A:   Six years. We dated for four years before we got married, so we've (been together) for ten years now! Can you believe that?






April  2019 - answers


at least • at the most • comfortable • checkup • can't promise anything • growling • I'd better not • portions



A:  Want some more apple pie?       


B:  (I'd better not). My doctor told me to cut down on carbs. 





A:  Is your stomach (growling)?       


B:   Yeah. I'm starving.       


A:  OK, let's break for lunch.   




A:  I hope I get rich someday! 


B:   I don't need to be really rich. I just want to be (comfortable). I hate worrying about money.




A:  Let's go see Baker's Dozen tonight. 


B:   OK, but we'd better hurry.  It'll take us (at least)  25 minutes to get there, and the movie starts in 30 minutes.




A:  These shoes would be perfect!       


B:   Why don't you get them?       


A:   I can't.  They're $189, and I can spend $100 (at the most).




A:  I am so full!  


B:   Me, too. The (portions) here are too big for me! 


A:   Me, too.  I could only eat half of my meal.




A:  Good morning. Dr. Leonard's office.  


B:   Hi, I'd like to make an appointment for my annual (checkup).


A:  All right. Can I have your name, please?




A:  Oh, no. What happened to your computer?  


B:   I spilled water on the keyboard. Do you think you can fix it?


A:  I'll try, but I (can't promise anything). If I can't, you'll have to send it to the manufacturer.






March  2019 - answers


hardly ever  •  was raised  •  adopted • forever  •  tidying up • heartburn  •  let him ruin  •  suspicious




A:  They just (adopted) a baby!


B:   Oh, my gosh!  So they have four kids now!





A:    What are you doing? You cleaned yesterday. 


B:   I'm just (tidying up) because your aunt and uncle are coming over later.




A:  Did you see Kayoko's post on Facebook?


B:   No.  I (hardly ever) go on Facebook these days. What did she post? 


A:  A photo of her ring!  She got engaged! 




A:  Ugh!  I wasted all morning!  


B:   What happened? 


A:  I called my Internet provider and they kept me on hold (forever)




A:   I don't feel good.  


B:   What's wrong? 


A:  I think it's just (heartburn). I probably shouldn't have eaten so much.




A:  There was a fire downtown.


B:   Oh, no! Was anyone hurt?


A:  No one was hurt, but the police say it looks (suspicious).  They found gasoline cans near the scene. 




A:  I was surprised to hear Yuki speak English.  He sounds like a native speaker! 


B:   That's because he (was raised) in Canada. His family moved back to Japan when he was in high school.​




A:  That guy was so rude! He just told me I need to learn some new dance moves!


B:   That kid?  Is he old enough to be in this club? Don't (let it ruin) your night!


A:   You're right.  Let's dance! I love this song!