pop quiz 1219

Dec.  2019 - answers


remind  •  remember  •  that's why •  thank goodness •  dread  •  my fault  •  overcast  •  sprinkling



A:  You'd better take your umbrella. 


B:   I'll be fine.  It's just (sprinkling)


A:  Suit yourself.




A:   It's another gray, (overcast) day.  


B:   Yeah. I hope it's sunny tomorrow.  I'm tired of this gloomy weather.




A:  Pete had an accident on his way to work. 


B:   Oh, my gosh!  Is he OK?


A:  Yes, (thank goodness).  




A:   I have to give my speech in class on Monday.


B:   Me, too. I (dread) getting up and speaking in front of everyone.  




A:  Tomorrow is our 20th anniversary. 


B:   Can you believe it?  I (remember) our wedding day as if it were yesterday.




A:   Who was that on the phone?


B:   The dentist's office.  They just called to (remind) me that I have an appointment on Monday at 1:00.  




A:  My mouth is still numb, and I'm hungry. I went to the dentist's during my lunch break.


B:  Oh, (that's why) I didn't see you in the cafeteria.




A: Remember when we went to Paris?  We missed our flight because it took you so long to get ready to go.


B:   It wasn't (my fault)!  We left the house on time.  We were late because we got stuck in traffic. 

★ Suit yourself! =  好きにしなさい。  

★ gloomy = 暗い, うっとうしい天気 

★ numb =  感覚を失った


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