pop quiz 1218

December  2018 - answers


feel like going • shouldn't have to  • should have bought  • refrain from • field trip • on earth • reimburse • minding my own




A:  What (on earth) are you making?        


B:   It's a Pikachu costume. 





A:   This hotel is expensive!      


B:   I know.  Luckily our company will (reimburse) us. 




A:   Bad news. The concert is sold out!      


B:   No way!  We (should have bought) tickets as soon as they went on sale.




A:  How was school today?      


B:   It was really fun, Grandma!  We went on a  (field trip) to the zoo!   




A:   I didn't catch that announcement.      


B:   It just said, "Please (refrain from) smoking inside the airport." 




A:  What are we doing for dinner tonight?        


B:   We can have leftover meatloaf.      


A:   I (feel like going) out for dinner.       


B:   Sounds good to me.    




A:   Want to go to the festival with me?      


B:   I can't.  I have to finish this paperwork.      


A:   You (shouldn't have to) work on the weekend.      


B:   I know.  Tell that to my boss.




A:  Wow!  What happened to your eye?       


B:   Well, yesterday I was sitting in the park just (minding my own) business when a guy came up to me and punched me.


A:   Really?


B:    No.  I was just kidding.  I got hit in the eye with a ball when I was playing tennis.    




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