pop quiz 1217

Dec.  2017 - answers


dreading • like crazy • swerve • family room • keeps track of • radiation • head start • by mistake     





A:  Where's my phone? 


B:   It's in the ( family room ) on the TV.      




A:  When does he start treatment? 


B:   His first ( radiation ) treatment is on Monday. 




A:  What's wrong?  Is your phone dead?


B:   No. It looks like I took my husband's phone ( by mistake )! I can't unlock it.




A:  You're out of breath! Are you OK?


B:   The neighbor's dog got out and started chasing me, so I ran ( like crazy ).


A:  He won't hurt you.  He's really friendly. 




 A:  Christmas is just around the corner!


B:   I know.  I'm ( dreading ) it.


A:  Really?  Why?


B:   It's so stressful.  Work is crazy, and I hate shopping and cooking and everything.




A:  Hi!  Long time no see!  You look great! 


B:   Thanks.  I've lost 10 kg since I saw you last.


A:  What's your secret?


B:  This app. It ( keeps track of ) calories I consume and calories I burn exercising.




A:  I love after-Christmas sales! 


B:   Why? 


A:  Because I get a ( head start) on the next Christmas!  I buy wrapping paper, decorations and stuff at half price. 



A:  I almost hit a bear on the way home! 


B:   A bear? 


A:  Yes, I came around a curve, and it was in the middle of my lane.  I had to ( swerve ) to miss it.  Luckily there were no other cars on the road. 



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