pop quiz 1216 

December  2016 - answers


by • until • forward • come up with  • why don't you • neither of • kind of • decade





A:  I don't feel well.  I'm really dizzy.


B:  ( Why don't you )  go lie down?   




A:  Mom, can I go to Justin's house? 



B:   Sure.  Just be home ( by ) dinner time. 





A:  This has been a rather warm year.


B:   Yes.  In fact, it has been warmer than usual for the past  ( decade ).  





A:  How did you ( come up with ) the concept for your new business?



B:   You'll have to ask my partner.  It was all her idea.





A:  How was your blind date last night?


B:  Terrible.  I was supposed to meet him at 7:00, but he never showed up.  I waited ( until ) 7:30 and left.





A:  I can't find the e-mail Rie sent with the ABC documents attached.  


B:   I have it.  Want me to   ( forward )  it to you? 


A:   Yes. That would be a big help. Thanks.




A:  Have you decided where you're going on your honeymoon?


B:   Yes.  We're going to London.  It's beautiful in the spring, and  ( neither of ) us has been there before.   






A:  You're staying in tonight?  I thought Ken was having people over to watch the game tonight.


B:  He is, but I'm ( kind of ) tired.  I don't really feel like going out.






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