pop quiz 1119

Nov.  2019 - answers


worth the money  •  made a reservation  •  reserve •  saving up  •  no answer  •  in common  •  go for a bike ride  •  appetite



A:  It's such a beautiful day.         


B:   It sure is.  Let's (go for a bike ride)!        


A:  OK.  Let me change clothes first.




A:   How's Mikey doing? Is he feeling better?      


B:   Much better.  His (appetite) is back.  He ate dinner and dessert.




A:  Hi.  I'd like to (reserve) a single room for the 10th and 11th.     


B:   All right.  May I have your name, please?




A:   Did you tell Bob about the meeting?


B:   I tried to call him this morning, but there was (no answer), so I e-mailed him.




A:  Which paint do you recommend for a fence?      

B:   This one.  It's a little bit expensive, but it's (worth it) because it will last for at least five years. 




A:  You're so good at finding coupons and deals!       


B:   I started cutting out coupons when I was (saving up) for a vacation, but since then, saving money has become a hobby. 




 A:  It's Friday, so the restaurant will probably be crowded. I hope we don't have to wait too long for a table.  I'm starving!


B:   Don't worry! I (made a reservation).


A:  You always think of everything!




A: How did your date with George go?


B:   It was fun! He's really nice, and we discovered that we have a lot (in common).


A:  Like what?


B:  Well, we both love dogs, and we have similar taste in movies and music.  

★ I'm starving! =  おなかがぺこぺこだ。 

★ Like what? = 例えばどんなこと?


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