pop quiz 1118

November  2018 - answers


besides • upside down • vehicles • go all out • could've sworn • scenic • obsess about • clumsy




A:  I think I broke my pinky toe.     


B:   Again?  You're so (clumsy).




A:   Should we take the highway?      


B:   We have plenty of time, so let's take the (scenic) route.




A:   How do you stay so slim?      


B:   I'm just lucky, I guess. I don't really (obsess about) my weight.




A:  Want to go see a movie?      


B:   Not really.  I'm really tired tonight. (Besides), I don't have any money till I get paid on Friday.




A:   A:   What are you making?      


B:   My son's bento.        


A:   That's not a bento.  It's a work of art!  You really (go all out)




A:  Aren't you going to Justin's party?       


B:   Yeah. Why?      


A:   Well, it starts in an hour.  I'm ready to go.      


B:    What?  I (I could've sworn) it was tomorrow night!  Let me change clothes.   




A:  Do you like my new painting? I bought it at a flea market last weekend?        


B:   Um, I think it's (upside down).        


A:   Really?  How can you tell?      


B:   By the signature. See?




A:  Which house is Dan's?      


B:   The one with lots of (vehicles) in the driveway.  He likes to fix up old cars, trucks, and motorcycles.      


A:   Oh, that one.  Let's stop and say hi.



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