pop quiz 1117

Nov.  2017 - answers


 way • sorting • flexible • passed away •  they say • allowed • accompanied • supplies





A:  Are kids allowed in the corn maze?      


B:   Yes, but they must be ( accompanied ) by an adult.



A:  Do you want this shirt? 


B:   Sure.  Why don't you want it? 


A:  It's ( way ) too small for me. 




A:  We're almost out of printer ink.


B:   Tell Paul.  He's in charge of ordering office ( supplies ).




A:   Do you like your new job?


B:   Yes, but I wish the hours were more ( flexible ).  I have to be there from 9:00 to 6:00 no matter what.




A:   Where's Mike?      


B:   He's off till Monday.  His grandmother ( passed away ), so he went to his hometown to attend the funeral.




A:  Mr. Lee made a big donation to the school.      


B:   That's great!  He's a very generous man.      


A:  Yes.  ( They say ) he's worth over 100 million dollars.




A:  What are you doing?      


B:  ( Sorting ) the laundry.      


A:  Why do you do that?      


B:  Because I don't want to wash colors and whites together.


A:  You go to Zone Gym?  Hype Gym is much closer to your house.      


B:   I know, but kids aren't ( allowed ) at Hype Gym, and  I like to take my son with me sometimes.


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