pop quiz 1116 

November  2016 - answers


probably • order in • once in a while • bucks • usual • winning by • look into • nightmare




A:  Looks like I have to buy a new phone.


B:  Can't you get yours fixed? 

A:  I can, but the guy said it'll cost me over two hundred ( bucks )




A:  Is Jimmy OK?  I heard him crying.

B:   He's fine.  He went back to sleep.  He just had a ( nightmare ).



A:  What time will you get back?


B:   The invitation says it's from 7:00 to 9:00, so I'll ( probably ) be back by 10:00.  



A:  Want to meet me for drinks after work?

B:   Sure.  The ( ususal ) place?

A:  Yup.  See you there around 6:30.




A:  How was work?


B:  Busy.  I'm tired.


A:  Too tired to go out for pizza?


B:  Yeah.  Let's just ( order in )



A:   The shipping company we use is a little expensive.  We have to find a cheaper way to ship our products. 


B:   OK. I'll tell Bill to  ( look into ) it.




A:  You're having wine?  I thought you only drank beer.


B:   I like beer, but  ( once in a while ) I like to have a glass of wine.


A:  How was the game?


B:  It was exciting. They were losing at the beginning of the 9th inning, but they ended up ( winning by ) one point.





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