pop quiz 1019

Oct.  2019 - answers


should leave • should've left • watching my weight • a stroke • a heart attack • no wonder • I'm guessing • good about



A:  Traffic is bad today. We're going to be late. 


B:   We (should've left) a little earlier. 




A:  Meg just told me George proposed last night! 


B:   Really?  (No wonder) she has been in such a good mood all day.




A:  How long is this meeting supposed to last?


B:   They didn't say, but (I'm guessing) we'll be done by lunchtime at the latest.  




A:   How do you keep your house so tidy? 


B:   It's actually not that hard.  My kids are really (good about) putting their things away without being asked. 




A:   My grandpa had (a stroke)


B:   What's that? 


A:   It's an interruption of blood flow to the brain. Luckily, the doctor says there was little brain damage and he'll be fine.




A:  Did you save room for dessert?  I made pie. B:   Pumpkin pie!  I'm (watching my weight), so I really shouldn't,  but I can't pass up your homemade pumpkin pie!  




A:  What time is our flight tomorrow morning?


B:   At 8:20.  We (should leave) home by 6:45 because we need to be at the airport at least an hour ahead of time.  




A:  A:  Mark's not coming.  He's in the hospital. 


B:   He is?  What happened? 


A:   He had bad chest pains and thought he might be having (heart attack)


B:   Oh, no.  Is he going to be OK?  A:   I hope so.  They're doing tests on him now.

★ tidy =  きちんと整理された  

★ pass up A / pass A up = Aを断る,  Aをパスする

★ an hour ahead of time =  1時間も前に



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