pop quiz 1017

Oct.  2017 - answers


I'm afraid • no more • no less • adorable • hang out  • checkup • numb • go to    





A:    What's wrong? 


B:   Both of my feet are ( numb ).  I was sitting Japanese style for too long.





A:  Are you coming over to watch the game?


B:   ( I'm afraid ) I can't make it.   I have to work late. 





A:  Can I help with anything?


B:   Yes.  Can you ( hang out )  the laundry?  That would be a big help.  




A:   Which puppy are you going to get?


B:   I don't know!  It's impossible to choose because they're all ( adorable )




A:   I can't fix the faucet.  I'll call a plumber.


B:   Maybe your husband can fix it.


A:  He is ( no more ) a plumber than I am.




A:  I know you like cheerleading, but don't you want to play sports?  


B:   Cheerleading is  ( no less ) a sport than soccer or volleyball.




A:  Friday's no good.  I have to go to the doctor's office that day.


B:   Oh.  Is everything OK?


A:   Yes.  I just have to go for my annual  ( checkup ).




A:  Thanks for agreeing to watch my cats while I'm gone. Here's the key.


B:   Does it ( go to ) the front door or the back door?


A:   The front door.  I don't have a spare key for the back door.  


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