pop quiz 1016 

October  2016 - answers


unless • as long as • must be • whichever • a single • on the house • bruised • showed up




A:  Did you and Mom have fun shopping?


B:   Yes.  It was fun even though I didn't buy (a single ) thing. 




A:  Your dog is so well trained!


B:    ( As long as ) I have dog treats in my hand, he'll do whatever I say.  



A:  How was your class reunion?


B:   It was OK.  I was surprised to see that only about 50 people ( showed up )



A:  Are you going to Grace's farewell party?

B:   I'll be there. My husband is coming too,  ( unless ) he has to work.




A:  How was work?


B:  Busy.  I didn't even have time for lunch.  


A:  Then you ( must be) hungry!


B:  Starving is more like it! 



A:   I fell down the stairs at work today.


B:   How did you do that? And are you OK?


A:  I'm fine.  I slipped on a piece of paper.  I just ( bruised ) my knee.




A:  We went to Marcos for dinner last night.


B:   How was it?


A:   It was really nice!  The manager knew it was our anniversary and gave us a bottle of champagne ( on the house ).



A:  We should invite Dan to go with us.


B:  I don't know if he'll be back from his cycling trip by then.


A:  When is he coming back?


B:  He'll be back in two weeks or when his legs give out, ( whichever ) comes first.




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