pop quiz 0919

Sep.  2019 - answers


used to live  •  am used to  •  I bet • apparently  •  got to feed • ticked off  •  could use  •   suspended




A:  Are we taking Ted's car?      


B:   No, he can't drive. He got too many points and his license got (suspended).  




A:  Those cicadas sure are loud! I can't concentrate.      


B:   Really.  They don't bother me at all. I guess I (am used to) hearing them.




A:  I heard from a neighbor that Sandy was arrested for shoplifting last week.      


B:   Yes. (Apparently), it wasn't the first time she got caught.




A:   Tony isn't here yet.  He was supposed to be here half an hour ago.       


B:   (I bet)  he forgot.      


A:   I'd better call him.  




A:   It's really hot today. 


B:   I know.  I (could use) an ice-cold drink. 


A:   Me, too.  Let's take a break.




A:  Did you and the kids have fun at the zoo? 


B:   Yes. We saw everything there was to see, and we (got to feed) some goats and rabbits in the petting zoo.  




A:  Ted seems pretty (ticked off)


B:   Yeah.  He got a speeding ticket on his way to work this morning. 


A:   That explains it.  




A:  I'm going to Tokyo to see Sousuke tomorrow. 


B:   Tokyo?  I thought he lived in Nagoya. 


A:   Yeah, he (used to live) near me, but he moved to Tokyo at the end of March.  

★ cicada =  セミ  = [səˈkādə]    

★ ~ doesn't bother me = ~は気にならない 

★ shoplifting =  万引き  

★ That explains it. = そういうことだったのか。/なるほどね。



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