pop quiz 0918

September 2018 - answers


must be • must have been • long story short • identical • baby talk • it's time • rooting for • gave up on




A:  It's getting late.  The kids are getting sleepy. 


B:   Yes, (it's time) we headed home.  They'll probably fall asleep in the car. 





A:  My dog ran away and was gone for two days.      


B:   You (must have been) so worried about him. 




A:   Do people mistake you for your twin brother?      


B:   No, because we're fraternal twins, not (identical) twins.




A:  There's always a long line in front of that restaurant. 


B:   The food (must be) really good.  Let's go there some time. 




A:   She always talks (baby talk) to her cat.      


B:   I talk to my dog like that, too.  I think that's normal. Our pets are like our babies!




A:   What did you want to be when you were a kid?


B:   A doctor!  But I  (gave up on) becoming a doctor when I realized how long it would take.




A:  Fancy meeting you here!  I didn't know you liked baseball!      


B:   My husband and I are huge Dragons fans. Who are you (rooting for)?      


A:  For the Dragons, of course!




A:   I heard there was a problem at the office while I was on vacation. 


B:   Yes.  Bob was being really rude to some of the women in the office, so we told our boss about it. (Long story short), Bob no longer works here.      


A:   Good!  I'm glad he got fired!  He was awful.





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