pop quiz 0917

Sept.  2017 - answers


so • neither • determine • second highest • on the spot  • features • plumber • suntan    





A:  I'm not in the mood to cook tonight.      


B:   ( Neither ) am I.  Let's go out for dinner.





A:  Can you fix the faucet?      


B:   No. I don't have the tools I need.  We have to call a  ( plumber ) .





A:  What's special about that hotel?      


B:   The pamphlet says it ( features ) a gym, two pools, a sauna, and a Jacuzzi.




A:   A:  I've been gaining weight lately.      


B:   Me, too.  I should go to the gym every day.      


A:  ( So ) should I. 




A:  How did your boss find out that you had skipped work to go golfing?     


B:   Well, I went to work on Thursday, and he noticed I had a ( suntan )




A:  What happened when the boss came back and found Peter sleeping at his desk?       


B:   He fired him ( on the spot ).      


A:   Good.  He was always hungover, and we had to do his work for him.




A:  What did the doctor say about your back pain?      


B:   He said it's hard to ( determine ) the location of the problem.  He wants me to go back for more tests.




A:  Wow! That must be the highest roller coaster in the world!    


B:   Not quite. It's the ( second highest ) in the world.


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