pop quiz 0916 

September  2016 - answers


looks like • any minute • while • during • dump • I doubt it • get off • got to




A:  How was your trip to Disneyland?


B:   It was great!  We (got to ) meet Mickey Mouse!




A:  Are you ready to leave?


B:   Yeah, and we'd better hurry.  It looks like it's going to rain ( any minute ).  



A:  Why did Timmy have to stay after school?


B:   His teacher caught him sleeping ( during ) class. 



A:  Could you pick me up after work?

B:   What time do you  ( get off ) ?


A:  I'm scheduled to work till 6:00.


B:  OK.  I'll be waiting in the parking lot.         




A:  Is Kim going with us this weekend?


B:   ( I doubt it ).


A:  Why do you say that?


B:  Because she usually works weekends. 



A:   How did you learn to speak English so fluently?  


B:   I used too listen to English recordings every day ( while ) I was taking the train to and from school.




A:  Happy birthday!  We made you a cake!


B:   It's beautiful!  It ( looks like )  it was made by a professional.

A:  Thanks!  I hope it tastes as good as it looks.



A:  Where is he going with that old sofa?   


B:  He's taking it to the ( dump ).  The garbage collectors won't pick up big things like that on garbage day.




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