pop quiz 0819

Aug.  2019 - answers


did do  •  an appointment  •  a reservation  • you'll be sorry  •  no Brad Pitt  • frumpy  •  former  •  has gone missing




A:  Who was that man you were talking to?      


B:   He's a (formerstudent.  I taught him more than ten years ago. 




A:  Why didn't you do your homework this time? 


B:   I (did do) it. I just forgot to bring it to class.




A:  Why is Hannah so upset? B:   Her cat, Leo, (has gone missing).      


B:   Oh, no.  Let's help her find him. 




A:   What about this dress? It looks comfortable.      


B:   No, that one's too (frumpy). You're going on a date, not cleaning the house! 




A:  Did you like the hotel you stayed at?      


B:   Yes, it was nice, but when we got there, our room wasn't ready even though we had made (a reservation).  




A:  Hi. I'd like to make (an appointment) with Janice for next Saturday afternoon.       


B:   All right.  Is that for just a haircut?       


A:   No. I need my hair colored, too.  




A:  Do you need sunscreen?      


B:   No, thanks.  I hate sunscreen.  It's so sticky.       


A:   We're going to be in the sun all day.  If you don't put it on,  (you'll be sorry).




A:  I think you'd like my cousin, John. You and he have the same quirky sense of humor.


B:   Is he handsome?


A:  Well, he's (no Brad Pitt), but he's not bad looking.


upset =  動転して, 取り乱して   

 sunscreen = 日焼け止めローション 

  quirky =  風変わりな, 突飛な, 奇抜な



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