pop quiz 0818

August  2018 - answers


sorry about • fell through  •  especially • couldn't have been • frizzy  •  go gray • cookout  • the only thing




A:  Why are you buying so much meat?      


B:   We're having a (cookout).




A:  Are you ready to go?       


B:   Almost.   (The only thing) I have to do is feed the dog.




A:   You color your hair?       


B:   Oh, gosh, yes.  My hair started to (go gray) in my 30s.




A:  Why is Dan in such a bad mood?      


B:   The deal he has been working on for weeks (fell through)




A:  How was the seminar?      


B:   I was expecting a long, boring lecture, but I (couldn't have been) more wrong! It was really interesting and exciting!




A:   Hi, Kim.  (Sorry about) the other night.  How was the party?      


B:  It was great!  It's too bad you missed it.  Is your son feeling better?      


A:   Yes.  He went to school today.




A:  Can you recommend something that will fix my (frizzy) hair?       


B:   Let's see, this spray is popular.  It protects hair from humidity. I use it myself!


A:  Thanks.  I'll try it!




A:   We should go out for lunch and catch up. What does your schedule look like?      


B:   Hm,  I'm pretty busy during the week, (especially) on Friday.      


A:  Well, how about Saturday?


B:   That will work!





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