pop quiz 0817

Aug.  2017 - answers


wear • put on • selfie • calls on • happened to • embarrassment  • guts • state-of-the-art   





A:   How did you hear about the accident?


B:   I ( happened to ) be walking to my office when it happened. 





A:   Do you need some help?


B:   Yes.  I can't seem to ( put on )  this bracelet by myself.





A:   Did you tell your boss that the schedule he proposed is impossible?


B:   No.  I didn't have the ( guts ) .




A:   I'm going to Rie's wedding this Sunday.


B:   Are you going to  ( wear ) a kimono or a dress? 


A:   A dress.  It's too hot for a kimono. 




A:  Did you see that our dad joined Facebook.


B:   I saw that.  And he already posted his first ( selfie ).


A:   I'm surprised he knew how to do that.




A:  Why don't you like your teacher?


B:   Because he always ( calls on ) the same two or three people.  I think he should call on everyone.




A:    I hear they're building a new hospital.


B:   Yes.  It's expected to open in 2019.  It will have ( state-of-the-art ) medical equipment. 




A:   At the playground today, a little girl gave my son a kiss on the cheek.


B:   What was his reaction?


A:  His face turned bright red with ( embarrassment )!  I think that means he likes her!




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