pop quiz 0816 

August  2016 - answers


less often • sixties • helping • reschedule • curious • ended up • skip out on • tip




A:  Those customers left without paying?


B:   Yeah.  I can't believe anyone would  ( skip out on ) the check like that.




A:  Mike, can you help that customer?


B:   Yes, sir, just as soon as I am finished ( helping )  this gentleman.  



A:  How did you two meet?


B:   We met at church.  Why do you ask? 

A:  I was just ( curious )



A:  Oh!  I have to go back to our room.

B:   Did you forget something?


A:   I forgot to ( tip ) the maid.           




A:  Guess how old he is.


B:   I don't know, fifty maybe?


A:  No!  He's in his late ( sixties ) !


B:  Wow!  He is in great shape for his age.  



A:   How was the movie last night?  


B:   I got off work late, so I couldn't make it to the movie in time. I ( ended up ) watching some old movie on TV.




A:  Hi.  This is Melissa Hathaway.  I have an appointment at 1:00, but I can't make it.


B:   I see.  Would you like to cancel it or ( reschedule )  it?

A:  If possible, I'd like to change it to Friday.



A:  Something smells good!   


B:   We're making pizza!  We are tyring to save money, so we're eating out and ordering in much ( less often ) than we used to. 




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