pop quiz 0719

July  2019 - answers


on his own  •  offered to •  chubby • tame  •  recognize • might want to • just around the corner  • beat



A:  Hi, Paula!      


B:   Oh, hi, Jim! I didn't (recognize)  you at first without your beard.




A:  You have a new cat!  Can I pet him? 


B:   Sure.  He's (tame) now, but he was pretty wild when we found him.




A:  I can't believe it's July 1st already. 


B:   I know.  That means summer vacation is (just around the corner).  




A:   How did you get home from work? 


B:   I walked.  My boss (offered to)  drive me home, but I felt like walking. 




A:  Look! Here's a photo of my sister's new baby!  


B:   Oh!  He's so (chubby)!  Look at those round cheeks!  He's adorable!




A:  Excuse me. We're trying to get to Washington Park.  Are we headed the right way? 


B:   Yes, but it's kind of far from here. You  (might want to) take the bus. 




A:  Why did Tom move?  


B:   He was tired of living with roommates. 


A:   Does he like living (on his own)


B:    Yes, he loves it! 




A:  It sure is hot here in Nagoya in the summer. 


B:   And humid.  You'll get used to it after a while. 


A:  What do you do to (beat) the summer heat? 


B:   I use a fan along with my air conditioner. It is much better than the air conditioner alone.


adorable = かわいらしい、愛らしい    

 be headed/heading =  に向かっている 

  It sure is ~. =  本当に~ですね.



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