pop quiz 0718

July  2018 - answers


is angry  •  gets angry  •  embarrassed  • bit me  •  bug guts  •  anxious to meet • nothing much  • temporary




A:  Ouch!         


B:   What happened?      


A:  A mosquito just (bit me).




A:  Be sure to put the CDs back in order.      


B:  I will.  I know Dad (gets angry) if they're not in alphabetical order. 




A:   Why is Ben in such a bad mood?       


B:   He (is angry) because he just found out he has to work on Saturday and Sunday. 



A:   How did your speech go?      


B:   It went pretty well, but after my speech, when I was walking off the stage, I slipped and fell. I was so (embarrassed).




A:  Do we have any glass cleaner? 


B:   Yes, but what do you need it for? 


A:  To clean the car windshield.  It has a lot of (bug guts) on it.




A:   When are you going to visit Carol? 


B:   Next Friday.  I am (anxious to meet) her new husband. I hope we get along. 


A:  I'm sure you will.




A:  Did you see Alice's hair?      


B:   No.  Why?      


A:  Well, it's bright pink!      


B:   I'm sure it's just (temporary). She changes it every month or so.




A:   Hi, Frank!  Long time no see!       


B:   Hi, George!  It's been a while.  What's new?


A:  (Nothing much).  I'm still working at the hospital.  How about you?      


B:   Oh, the same old, same old.





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