pop quiz 0717

July  2017 - answers


 waste of • need • requires • promotion  •  out of practice  • geek • creepy • any day now





A:   How many copies do you think we're going to ( need )


B:   At least 30.  






A:   How was the meeting? 


B:   It was a complete ( waste of ) time. We didn't reach a decision. 





A:   Hey, why don't we go bowling tonight? 


B:   Sure, but I'm a bit ( out of practice).  I haven't bowled in years.




A:  When did you order the vitamins? 


B:   Last week. They said it would take five to seven days, so the package should be here ( any day now).




A:  Do you have to wear a uniform to work? 


B:   No, but the company I work for ( requires ) everyone to wear a badge at all times.




A:  Guess what! 


B:   What?


A:  I finally got a ( promotion )!  You're looking at the new head of accounting! 


B:  That's great!  Congratulations!




A:   What were you like when you were a kid?


B:   I was a total science ( geek ).  I was always doing science experiments in the kitchen.  I wore my safety goggles all the time because I thought they were cool.




A:   Let's go to the circus!  I've got two tickets.


B:   No, thanks.  I hate the circus.


A:  Why on earth do you hate the circus? 


B:   Because there are always clowns there, and clowns are ( creepy )




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