pop quiz 0716 

July  2016 - answers


tried • challenged • at first • a favor • don't mind • outfits • crush •  mutual



A:  Is that a new ( outfit )?


B:   Kind of.  The skirt is new, but I've had this blouse for a while. 




A:  Where's John?  Isn't he meeting us here?


B:   I don't know.  I ( tried ) to call him, but I couldn't reach him.



A:  How do you and Glen know each other?


B:   We met at a charity event that was held by a ( mutual ) friend of ours. 



A:  Guess who I ran into today!

B:   Who?


A:  Matt Frost.  I think he was in your class.  


B:  Yes.  I had a big ( crush ) on him in high school.  Is he still handsome?           




A:  There's a 30-minute wait for a table  Do you want to wait?  Or should we go someplace else?


B:   I ( don't mind ) waiting.  



A:   Could you do me ( a favor )?


B:   It depends.  What is it?


A:   I need a ride to the airport on Monday.


B:   Sure.  What time do you need to be there?




A:  How was your speech?


B:   It went pretty well. ( At first) I was nervous, but the audience laughed at my opening joke, so I relaxed after that.



A:  You're limping!  What happened?


B:   Well, my son ( challenged ) me to a race in our backyard.  I stepped on a rock and twisted my ankle. 




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