pop quiz 0619

June  2019 - answers


it • one•  expecting•  in your party•  the wait•  tired of•  don't mind•  the inconvenience



A: Hi. How many (in your party)?


B: Just one. The counter is fine.

A: All right. Follow me. 




A:  I'm (tired of) waiting.     


B:   Let's give him five more minutes.  It's he's not here by then, we can go.




A:  Can I borrow your car?    


B:   Sure.  Just bring (it ) back by 5:00.  I have to go somewhere tonight.




A:   Sorry, we're out of caramel corn, but we're making more.  It'll be ready in 5 minutes.


B:   OK.  We (don't mind) waiting.




A:  Hi, Gina.  You're packed tonight!


B:   Yes, we're much busier than a typical Friday. 


A:  How long is (the wait)?



B:  About 20 minutes.




A:  I'm afraid you'll have to take the stairs.  The elevator is being repaired.


B:  That's OK.  Mr. Ito is on the 3rd floor, right?


A:  Right.  Sorry for  (the inconvenience).




A:  Look!  Jennifer had a baby boy!


B:   What? I didn't even know she and Tom were (expecting)!


A:   I told you, but you weren't paying attention.




A:  I need a suit to wear to a friend's wedding.


B:   I bet my dad has (one) you could wear.  You're about the same size.


A:   That would be great! I really don't want to spend money on a new suit right now. 


 fine=結構 • packed = 混んでいる •  pay attention =注意を払う  




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