pop quiz 0618

June  2018 - answers


rooting for  •  applied for  •  apply to  •   picky about  •  discontinued  •  let alone  • doubt •  couldn't help but




A:  How many universities did your daughter ( apply to )?


B:  Three. They're all in Aichi Prefecture.




A:  Is Matthew coming with us? 


B:  I ( doubt ) it.  He doesn't really like hiking.




A:   Doug says he's thinking of getting a dog.


B:   A dog?  He can't even take care of the plants in his apartment,  ( let alone ) a dog.




A:   I have to try a new kind of running shoe.


B:  Why is that? 


A:  Because the style I've been buying has been ( discontinued ).




A:  How's the job hunt going?


B:  OK, I guess.  I have an interview on Monday, and I ( applied for ) two more jobs this morning.




A:   Kate drew all over our dog with markers!


B:   Oh, my gosh!  What did you do? 


A:  I ( couldn't help but ) laugh.  Luckily they were washable markers.  




A:  Oh, we're almost out of cat food.  


B:  I can pick some up.  I'm going to the store.   


A:  Thanks.  Be sure to get Mighty Cat turkey or fish flavor.  Princess is really ( picky about ) her food.  




A:   Are you going to the game tonight?. 


B:  Yes.  My son's team is playing against my nephew's team.


A:  Who are you ( rooting for )?


B:  For both teams, of course!





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