pop quiz 0617

June  2017 - answers


 at least • at the most • startled • the moment • sure enough  • minor • fix up • ended up





A:   Did you finish your report?      


B:   No.  I got online to do research, but I ( ended up )  watching Youtube.  






A:   How much longer do you think it'll take?      


B:   Oh, not long.  If you help, it'll take about an hour ( at the most ).   





A:  Your dad is in the hospital?      


B:   Yes, but it's just for ( minor ) surgery.  He can go home tomorrow.




A:  My flight arrives at 3:20.       


B:   OK. I'll pick you up at the airport. Text me ( the moment ) your plane lands.




A:  When is your mother-in-law coming?     


B:   In July.  I want to fix up ) our guest room before she gets here.




A:  How much money should I take?


B:   Let's see, you'll need money for the train,  the ticket, and lunch, so I think you'll need at least ) ¥5,000.  Take more if you think you'll want to buy souvenirs. 




A:   Someone broke into our house.       


B:   Oh, my gosh!  Were you at home? 


A:  Yes. I heard a noise and came downstairs. I must have ( startled ) him because he ran out the door.      


B:   You're lucky you weren't hurt!  




A:  Mike said Franco's is busy on Fridays.      


B:   Yeah. I tried to reserve a table for this coming Friday, but ( sure enough ), they're booked.  So I made a reservation for Friday the 18th at 7:00.  




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