pop quiz 0616 

June 2016 - answers


been• gone • recognize • stock up on • worth of • watcha• stroll • discuss




A:  I'd like to talk to you about the project.


B: OK.  Let's (discuss) it after the meeting on Friday.




A:  Hey, Jeff.  It's me, Pete!


B: Oh, hi!  You look so different without the beard.  I didn't  (recognize) you!





A:  That's a lot of notebook paper.


B: I know.  I have six kids in school, so I (stock up on) it when it's on sale.




A:  (Watcha) watchin'?


B: Nothing really.  You can change the channel if you want. 




A:  Oh, there you are!  Where have you (been)?  I was looking for you.


B: I was at the neighbor's house.  She asked me to help her move some boxes.




A:  You look great  Have you lost weight?


B: I have!  My wife and I have started taking a (stroll) every night after dinner.  It seems to be working!




A:  Hi, Sarah.  This is Rob.  Ca I speak to Charlie, please?


B:  Sorry, he has already  (gone) home for the day.  Can I take a message?


A:  That's OK.  I'll try calling him on his cell.




A:  It looks like you've packed about two weeks' (worth of) clothes!


B: Well, I need my swimsuit and jeans and shorts and something to wear when we go out for dinner and...

A:  Honey, you know we're only going to be gone three days, right?


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