pop quiz 0519

May  2019 - answers


without  •  good at  •  good with • root for  •  been together • ancestors  •  nice of you to  •  or so



A:  How was the baseball game?         


B:   We won!  It was great.  The whole town came to (root for) us! 





A:  You type so slowly.      


B:   I know.  I can't type (without) looking at the keyboard.




A:  That's a cute tote bag.        


B:   Thanks.  My daughter made it. 


A:  She's (good at) sewing. 





A:   What time do you think you'll get here? 


B:   Around 7:00 (or so).  


A:   OK.  Text me if you're really running late. 




A:  Mom, tell me what you think of this essay. 


B:   Sure. [Reads it.]  It's very funny! You're really (good with) words, just like your father.




A:  We're going out for drinks after work.  Want to join us?


B:   I'd love to, but I have other plans.  It was (nice of you to) invite me, though.




A:  Your last name is Sweeney? Are you Irish? 


B:   No, American. My parents were born in the U.S., but our (ancestors) came from Ireland.


A:   That explains the Irish name! 




A:  Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.


B:   Really? How long have you two been married?


A:   Six years. We dated for four years before we got married, so we've (been together) for ten years now! Can you believe that?





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