pop quiz 0518

May  2018 - answers


with  •  together  •  patience  •   remodeling  •  a promotion  •  overheard  • clean out  •  worth it



A:  Well, we can't go to Pizza King next weekend. 


B:   Why not?


A:  They're closed for ( remodeling ).




A:  Are you doing anything fun for Golden Week? 


B:   No.  We're planning to stay home and ( clean out ) our garage.




A:   They're hiring at the day-care center.


B:   I can't work there.  I don't have enough ( patience ) to work with kids.




A:   Guess what happened at work today! 


B:  What? 


A:  I got  ( a promotion )


B:   Congratulations!





A:  The bookstore downtown is closing.  


B:   I heard.  I'm going to miss it!  My grandpa and I used to go there ( together ) when I was a kid.





A:   Have you heard anything about parking fees going up? 


B:   No. Why do you ask? 


A:  I ( overheard ) two guys talking about it at the gym.  




A:  Where are you going? 


B:  To the library.  


A:  Can I go ( with ) you? 


B:   Sure, but hurry up.  I'm meeting Mike there in ten minutes. 




A:   A:  You're going to make the pies yourself? That seems like too much trouble. 


B:  No, it's totally ( worth it ).  Homemade pie is so much better than the pie you buy at the store.





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