pop quiz 0517

May  2017 - answers


 if • whether • promoted • the less • keeps  • as far as • buddy • cut in line





A:   Is Mike coming with us?      


B:   Not ( as far as ) I know.





A:   Are you going to the gym tonight?      


B:   ( If ) I finish my work by 6:00, yes.  





A:  You don't dive alone, do you?       


B:   No.  That's too dangerous.  I always dive with a ( buddy )




A:  Aren't you going to answer that?       


B:   No.  It's Bill.  I told him to leave me alone, but he ( keeps ) calling me anyway.




A:  Do we need to make a reservation?      


B:   That depends on ( whether ) your parents are coming or not.  If it's just the two of us, I don't think it's necessary.




A:  Why did that guy in red get so upset?      


B:   Because the guy with the beard tried to ( cut in line ) ahead of him. A:   Oh.  I hate it when people do that.




A:   Guess what! B:   What? A:   I got ( promoted ) to head of my department!     


B:   That's great!  We should celebrate! 




A:  You really need to exercise.  You've gained over 10 kg in the past six months.


B:   I know, I know!  But the more you tell me to exercise, ( the less ) I want to do it.



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