pop quiz 0420

Apr.  2020 - answers


let me  •  makes you  •  stop at • pick up  •  that's OK  •  see if •  nauseous  •  chronic condition



A:  Your dog has asthma? Is there a cure for it?


B:  No. It's a (chronic condition), but with the right treatment, she can live a normal life. 




A:  Let's play a video game.        


B:  I can't.  My mom won't (let me) play games until I finish my homework. 



A:  Remind me to (stop at) the bank and get cash on the way to the mall.


B:   I will. I need to take out some money, too. 


A:  A:  I've never had a stress test. What's it like?     


B:  The doctor hooks you up to a monitor, and then he (makes you) run on a treadmill. It doesn't take very long.



A:  Hi, honey. I'm on my way home.  Do you need anything?       


B:  Yes. Could you (pick up) some canned food for the dog? We're out.



A: Why didn't you go to the amusement park with them?     


B:  Because I don't like roller coasters. They make me (nauseous).



A:  Oh, they put the wrong dressing on my salad.       


B:  Do you want me to tell the waitress?       


A:  No, (that's OK).  I like this dressing, too. I just felt like a creamy dressing today. But this one is better for my diet!  


A:  I'd love to try that new restaurant, but there's always a long line of people waiting.       


B:  I'll call and (see if) they take reservations.      


A:  Oh, I hope they do!

asthma [発音:ǽzmə] = ぜんそく

★  (cardiac) stress test = (心臓の)負荷試験

★  treadmill =  ランニングマシン



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