pop quiz 0419

April  2019 - answers


at least • at the most • comfortable • checkup • can't promise anything • growling • I'd better not • portions



A:  Want some more apple pie?       


B:  (I'd better not). My doctor told me to cut down on carbs. 





A:  Is your stomach (growling)?       


B:   Yeah. I'm starving.       


A:  OK, let's break for lunch.   




A:  I hope I get rich someday! 


B:   I don't need to be really rich. I just want to be (comfortable). I hate worrying about money.




A:  Let's go see Baker's Dozen tonight. 


B:   OK, but we'd better hurry.  It'll take us (at least)  25 minutes to get there, and the movie starts in 30 minutes.




A:  These shoes would be perfect!       


B:   Why don't you get them?       


A:   I can't.  They're $189, and I can spend $100 (at the most).




A:  I am so full!  


B:   Me, too. The (portions) here are too big for me! 


A:   Me, too.  I could only eat half of my meal.




A:  Good morning. Dr. Leonard's office.  


B:   Hi, I'd like to make an appointment for my annual (checkup).


A:  All right. Can I have your name, please?




A:  Oh, no. What happened to your computer?  


B:   I spilled water on the keyboard. Do you think you can fix it?


A:  I'll try, but I (can't promise anything). If I can't, you'll have to send it to the manufacturer.





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