pop quiz 0418

Apr.  2018 - answers


anything I liked  • try restarting  • try to do • growling  •  busy • slimming  •  stumbled  •  had trouble




A:  The mic on my laptop isn't working. 


B:   That's weird.  ( Try restarting ) it and see if that fixes the problem.




A:  Your dog is ( growling ) at me. 


B:   He thinks you're too close.  He doesn't like it when anyone gets near him when he's eating.




A:   Jennifer, I need these documents translated as soon as possible.     


B:   I'll ( try to do ) it today, but I can't guarantee that I can finish it by 5:00.




A:   You and your sister went shopping?  Did you guys buy anything?       


B:   Kelly bought a cute blouse, but I didn't find ( anything I liked ).





A:  You look tired.       


B:   I am.  I ( had trouble ) sleeping last night.      


A:  Me, too.  The storm kept me awake. 





A:   I need to go to the chiropractor's. My back is killing me.      


B:   What happened?      


A:   The other day I ( stumbled ) and almost fell.  I think I hurt it then.




A:  How do I look?      


B:   Well ... it fits well.      


A:   That doesn't answer my question.      


B:    Sorry, but I don't like the pattern.  It's a little too ( busy ).




A:   Have you lost weight?      


B:   I don't think so.        


A:  Well, you look great!      


B:  Thanks.  Maybe it's this navy suit.  They say dark colors are ( slimming ).




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