pop quiz 0417

April  2017 - answers


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A:  How did Pikotaro get to be so famous?


B:   Because his video  ( went viral )  last year.




A:   Is Jill going camping with us this weekend?


B:   No.  She's still  (recovering ) from the flu.





A:  Why is your dog ( going bald )?


B:   He's not.  The vet had to shave his neck to remove a tumor.




A:  Are you ready for your trip?


B:   Not yet. I still have ( a few ) things to do before I leave.




A:  Are you going to the gym after work?


B:   Yeah.  It looks like rains, so I think I'll run on the ( treadmill ) tonight.




A:  Where in Canada are you going to study?


B:   I don't know yet.  I want to go somewhere that has ( few ) Japanese people so I have to use English.




A:  I hope Mike gets here soon. 


B:   Didn't he text you? A:   Text me what?  B:   That he's (                                         ) about 20 minutes late. 




A:  So, what did the vet say the problem was?


B:   He hasn't told us yet.


A:  Why not?  


B:   Because he has to do some tests before he can give us a ( diagnosis ).  






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