pop quiz 0416 

Apr 2016 - answers


because • so • in a row • let you go • ran into • feel well • call in sick • exhausted




A:  How was your day? You look a bit tired.


B:  I'm (exhausted). I saw 46 patients today. I didn't even get a lunch break.




A:  What's up with George?


B:  He's in a bad mood (because) he got a speeding ticket this morning.




A:  You look pale. Are you OK?


B:  I don't (feel well). I think I'd better lie down for a while.




A:  How's your team doing this year, Jimmy?


B:  Great! We've won the last three games (in a row).




A:  Fred, we've warned you about this behavior three times now. I'm afraid I have to (let you go).


B:  You can't fire me! I quit!  




A:  How was your day at the amusement park?


B:  It was fun. It rained around 1:00, (so) we went into the aquarium until it stopped.




A:  Honey, you'll never guess who I (ran into) at the library today.


B:  Who?


A:  Mr. Brown! Your old football coach!


B:  Oh! How is he? I haven't seen him lately.




A:  You have a fever. It's probably the flu. You should (call in sick) tomorrow.


B:  I think you're right. I won't be able to get much work done in this condition. And I don't want to make everyone else sick.



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