pop quiz 0320

Mar.  2020 - answers


talk  •  discuss  •  tons of  •  up to  •  filling out  •  change into  •   could use  •   umpteenth time



A:  A:  Let's go see that new robot movie tonight!  


B:   Not tonight. I have (tons of) homework. 




A:  That was a good workout yesterday! 


B:   It sure was.  I'm sore.


A:  Me, too. I (could use) a massage! 



A:  A:  What's next on the agenda?

B:  Next, we need to (discuss)  the budget.  Mike, would you like to start? 


A:  Where are you going?

B:  Upstairs to (change into) my workout clothes. I feel like going for a jog.



A:  Excuse me. 


B:  Yes?  What can I do for you? 

A:  I can't read Japanese very well, so I need help  (filling out)  this form. 



A:   Do you feel like Italian food or Chinese? 


B:  It's (up to) you.  I like both. 


A:  Then let's go to the Chinese place.  I had pasta for lunch yesterday.



A:  Jody, are you ready to give your presentation? 

B:  Yes.  Good morning, everyone.  Today I'd like to (talk) about my hobby, knitting. 


A:  Where did you go for dinner last night?

B:  To the Burger Kingdom. 


A:  Again?  


B:  Yeah.  That's the (umpteenth) this month.  Next time, I'm not letting my husband pick the restaurant.

★  workout (n)= 運動、トレーニング 

  agenda  =議題 

  feel like ~ing[A] =  ~したい気がする



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