pop quiz 0319

March  2019 - answers


hardly ever  •  was raised  •  adopted • forever  •  tidying up • heartburn  •  let him ruin  •  suspicious




A:  They just (adopted) a baby!


B:   Oh, my gosh!  So they have four kids now!





A:    What are you doing? You cleaned yesterday. 


B:   I'm just (tidying up) because your aunt and uncle are coming over later.




A:  Did you see Kayoko's post on Facebook?


B:   No.  I (hardly ever) go on Facebook these days. What did she post? 


A:  A photo of her ring!  She got engaged! 




A:  Ugh!  I wasted all morning!  


B:   What happened? 


A:  I called my Internet provider and they kept me on hold (forever)




A:   I don't feel good.  


B:   What's wrong? 


A:  I think it's just (heartburn). I probably shouldn't have eaten so much.




A:  There was a fire downtown.


B:   Oh, no! Was anyone hurt?


A:  No one was hurt, but the police say it looks (suspicious).  They found gasoline cans near the scene. 




A:  I was surprised to hear Yuki speak English.  He sounds like a native speaker! 


B:   That's because he (was raised) in Canada. His family moved back to Japan when he was in high school.​




A:  That guy was so rude! He just told me I need to learn some new dance moves!


B:   That kid?  Is he old enough to be in this club? Don't (let it ruin) your night!


A:   You're right.  Let's dance! I love this song!





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