pop quiz 0318

Mar.  2018 - answers


asked me for  • assorted  • bruise • ahead of time  •  managed to organized • participating  •  stressing me out 




A:  A:  Look!  I cleaned out my closet yesterday. 


B:   Wow!  It's so ( organized )!




A:  What did you get for your birthday? 


B:   I got a box of ( assorted)  chocolates and a necklace from my husband.




A:  What did that guy want? 


B:  He ( asked me for)  my phone number.  I didn't give it to him, of course.




A:   Are you OK?  You seem tired.


B:   Yeah.  I have two big tests next week.  It's kind of ( stressing me out ).  





 A:  Oh, my gosh!  Where did you get that big ( bruise ) on your arm? 


B:   I was playing with my dog, and I fell and hit the coffee table. 




A:  Let's go out for pizza!  I have a coupon.


B:   Let me see that.  It says, "Get one free pizza on your birthday at ( participating ) Pizza Town restaurants.


A:  Hm. We'd better call and ask first. 




A:  What time should we meet? 


B:   The show starts at 7:00, but I want to get there about 30 minutes ( ahead of time )  so we can get good seats.


A:   OK, so I'll meet you there at 6:30.




A:   What a morning!


B:   What happened?


A:  I woke up late and left without my briefcase, so I had to go back and get it.  Then my bus was delayed and we got stuck in traffic.   


B:   I'm surprised you ( managed to ) get here on time!


A:  Me, too.




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