pop quiz 0317

March  2017 - answers


 even if • even though • required • out • sign up  • keep track of • out of • make up for





A:  A:  What did you get on the math test?


B:   I got 96 ( out of ) 100. 




A:   How was the party?


B:   It was fun ( even though) I didn't know anyone but the person hosting it.




A:  Why are you taking a photo of your lunch? 


B:   Because I'm on a new diet and it's an easy way to ( keep track of ) what I eat.




A:  What time does the movie start?


B:  There is one at 7:10 and one at 9:30. 


A:  I work till 8:00, so the 7:10 show is  ( out ).





A:  Mr. Holt, can I have this Friday off? 


B:   Sure, as long as work on the weekend to  ( make up for ) the hours you miss.


A:   Thanks.  I'll come in on Sunday.




A:  Why are you taking Spanish?


B:  Because two years of a foreign language is ( required ) to graduate and  I've heard that Spanish is the easiest.




A:  You're going to play tennis?  It looks like it might rain soon.


B:  The tennis club I go to has both indoor and outdoor courts, so I can play tennis ( even if ) it rains.  




A:  There's a new yoga studio opening.


B:  Yeah, I saw that.  I'm thinking of joining.


A:  Me, too.  If we ( sign up ) by March 31st, we get the second month free.


B:  Then let's do it!






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