pop quiz 0316 

Mar 2016 - answers


looks • looks like • burning • ruined • how late • a ride • ticket • fine




A:  I smell something (burning).


B:   Oh, no!  That's my spaghetti sauce!




A:  Why's George in such a bad mood?           


B:   Because he got a (ticket) for running a red light on his way to work.




A:  Have you ever ridden a hoverboard?  


B:  Yes.  It (looks) easy, but it's actually kind of hard.




A:  Honey, (how late) is the hardware store open today?


B:  Till 8:00, I think.  Want me to call and find out? 




A:  You can't smoke here.   


B:  Who says?


A:  The sign says.  See? There's a ¥2000 (fine) for smoking.    




A:  An indoor climing gym opened near my house last month.


B:   Really?  I've always wanted to try that.  It (looks like) it would be good exercise and a lot of fun




A:  Ken knew about the surprise party?


B:  Yeah.  Bob (ruined) the surprise.


A:  Again? Next time we can't tell Bob.  He really can't keep a secret!    




A:  Tomorrow's the science fair.  I have to take my science project to school, and it's kind of big.  I don't think I can carry it on the bus.  


B:   OK.  I'll give you (a ride).  But you'll have to take the bus home.



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