pop quiz 0220

Feb.  2020 - answers


took • spend • costs • lasted • needless to say • stay-at-home • so embarrassed • drew names 



A:  A: I think your shirt is on inside out.


B: Oh, my gosh! I'm (so embarrassed)




A:  How did your students choose their partners?


B: They (drew names) from a hat.


A: I see. That was a good idea. 




A:  Hi, I'm Phil. Are you a teacher, too?


B: No, I'm a (stay-at-home) dad.


A: Oh! How many kids do you have?




A:   I need a new coat. Can you believe I've worn this one for eight years?


B: It has (lasted) along time




A:  Why were you so late this morning?


B: There was an accident on the highway, so it (took) longer than usual to get here. 




A:   How was your weekend?


B: Great! My wife had to work both days, so I got to (spend) some quality time alone with my daughter. 




A:  I'm thinking of joining a gym.


B: Join MegaGym! If you join before March 1st, it (costs) just ¥5,500 a month.

A: I'll look into it! 




A:  How was dinner last night?


B: Well, my date was late, he took me to a dirty cafe, and then he didn't have enough money.


A: You're kidding! 


B: I wish I were. (Needless to say), I'll never go out with him again. 

 quality time = 充実した時間 

look into A = Aを 調査する, Aを検討する

★ date = デートの相手 


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