pop quiz 0219

February  2019 - answers


no need  •  looks  •  look like • makeover  •  outfit  •  hoodie •  coincidence  •  that way



A:  Is that a new (outfit)?      


B:   Yes!  The skirt is from Uniqlo, and I bought the top online.





A:    I don't want to go running tonight.      


B:   Why not?


A:  It (looks) cold out there. 




A:   I can't decide what to wear.  


B:   I know the feeling. My clothes are so boring. 


A:   I need a fashion (makeover).




A:   Who's that next to you in that picture? 


B:   That's my mom.


A:  Wow! You (look like) sisters!




A:   Thanks for putting up the decorations! 


B:   There's (no need) to thank me. It was fun!  I can't wait till everyone gets here.




A:  Do you want to go by car or take the train?  


B:   Either way, we have to leave pretty early. 


A:  Let's take the train. (That way), we can sleep all the way there.




A:  I ran into Bill at the travel agency.


B:   Really? What was he doing there? 


A:   Buying a ticket to Hawaii. He's going to run the Honolulu Marathon, too! 


B:   Oh! What a (coincidence)!       




A:  Are you ready for your trip?   


B:   I think so. It's supposed to be warm there the whole week, so I've packed mostly shorts and T-shirts. 


A:  Don't forget a pair of jeans.  And you might want to take a (hoodie) just in case it gets cold at night. 





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