pop quiz 0218

Feb.  2018 - answers


depends • midnight  • in the middle of the night • arthritis  •  keep you company •  knew it  •  Ugh!  •  awkward 





A:  Want to go see a movie this weekend?      


B:   It ( depends ) what movie it is.




A:  You look really tired.       


B:   I am.  I didn't sleep well.  I woke up several times ( in the middle of the night ).




A:  Are you OK?     


B:   Yes. It's just ( arthritis ).  My right knee is much worse than my left. 




A:   What time did you go to bed last night?     


B:   At ( at midnight ).  I had to get up early this morning.



 A:  Mom, I'm going to Ken's house.      


B:   Not until your homework is done.      


A:  ( Ugh )!        


B:  Do it now or you're not going to Ken's.




A:   Is it just my imagination, or does it seem like Lisa and Tom are getting very friendly?


B:   Actually, I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but they've been seeing each other for a while.


A:  I ( knew it )!  I saw them at a cafe together on the weekend. 




A:  So, during the job interview, the guy asked me if I had a boyfriend.


B:   Oh, my Gosh! That must have been ( awkward )! What did you say?


A:  I lied and said, "Yes."  If I get the job, I don't want my boss hitting on me!  




A:   Mom, what time is your appointment?


B:   At 2:15, but the doctor is always a bit late.


A:  Want me to ( keep you company ) while you wait?


B:   That's OK.  I don't mind waiting alone. I'll call you when I need a ride home.




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