pop quiz 0217

February  2017 - answers


sometime• sometimes • stepmom • as long as• uneventful • figure • time to kill • mail




A:  Do you go to the gym in the morning?  


B:  ( Sometimes ), but I usually go after work.




A:   How does Ben feel about his dad getting remarried? 


B:   He likes his ( stepmom ) a lot.




A:  Can I  borrow your car?       


B:   Sure, ( as long as ) you bring it back by 3:00.  I'll need it then. 




A:  How was your flight home?       


B:   It was ( uneventful ). We left on time and even arrived a little early.     




A: We still have some ( time to kill ).      


B:   Let's go and get a cup of coffee, then.




A:  How much money do you think I should bring?      


B:  Well, including train fare and tickets and lunch, I  ( figure ) ¥15,000 should be enough.




A:  When can we get together to discuss it?      


B:   How about ( sometime ) next week?     


A:  Let's see ...  Monday at 2:00 would be good.      


B:  That works for me, too.



A:  I've got to run to the bank. I'll be right back.      


B:  Could you stop by the post office on your way there?        


A:  Sure.  What do you need?      


B:  I need you to ( mail ) this.      


A:  No problem.  






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