pop quiz 0120

Jan.  2020 - answers


had trouble  • by • until • acting up • punch lines • supposed to • about to  • it’s a pain



A:  You look tired.


B:   I am.  I (had trouble) sleeping.        


A:  Me, too.  The wind was so loud last night!




A:  Hi. Sorry I’m late.       


B:  You got here just in time!  The concert is (about to) start.




A:  How long does it take you to get to work? 


B:  About an hour.  And I have to change trains twice.  (It's a pain)




A:   Has your brother gone back to Australia? 


B:  No.  He’s staying (until) the end of January.





A:  My little brother is really into telling jokes. 


B:  That’s cute. 


A:  Yeah, but the (punch lines) never make sense!




A:   You took the train today? 


B:  Yeah. My car's been (acting up) lately, so it’s in the shop


A:  Oh, that explains it




A:  Are you going out tonight?


B:  Yeah.


A:  OK.  Be careful.  It’s (supposed to) snow tonight, so the roads might be slippery. 




A: What time is your flight tomorrow?


B:  At 9:15 a.m.  But  I need to be at the airport at least two hours ahead of time. 


A:  OK, if we leave here at 6:30, you’ll get there (by) 7:15.

in the shop = 修理に出している

  that explains it  = なるほどね。/そういうことだったのか。  

make sense = 意味をなす, 理にかなう

~ ahead of time =  ~時間も前に


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